Giovanni Allevi

COMPOSIZIONI (“Composition”)

  • L'idea

  • Luna

  • Le sole notizie che ho

  • Incontro

  • Apollo 13

  • Monolocale 7.30 am

  • Affinità elettive

  • Filo di perle

  • Il vento

  • L'avversario

  • La notte prima

  • Piano Karate

  • Sipario


Composizioni is the second album by Giovanni Allevi. It was released in 2003 on the Soleluna label, like the first album.

The press received the release like this:

La Stampa (5 October 2003)
“An album with a European feel, which rather than jazz, has absorbed the classical and avant garde and in many aspects recalls the minimalism of a Mertens or Nyman.” Luca Castelli

La Repubblica (6 October 2003)
“Giovanni Allevi is not exactly a jazzman, he is more of a complete artiste, curious and omnivorous, able to encompass – with his piano keyboard – classical music and pop, to then improvise like a true virtuoso who knows no bounds.” Enzo Gentile

Musica&Dischi (January 2004)
“His “compositions” escape the rules of what has already been determined, they are soundtracks for cerebral films, the creation of meta-linguistic games. At times the classical concert approach appears to dominate, thanks to a carefully structured interlaying of sound, but this is just almost imperceptible changes in register in an album which actually moves decisively towards being pleasant – it is beautiful and easy, but not simplistic: but the beauty really lies in finding the key to lightness even when the mood is darker.” O.R.


“I am listening to my new album Composizioni: there is a central, mysterious core which I can’t understand, a warm centre around which all the tunes converge, a direction that the music shows me, but which hides itself.
Then, we can argue, analyse, dissect and compare, but the essence, the core, is somewhere else, close but fleeting.
That is marvellous. It is the same feeling I have towards life!
Composizioni could not have happened, but it did: it was coughed up, an uncomfortable guest who wanted to be loved.
It is a seed brought to life which very slowly begins to create changes.
If you are reading these lines it means that the Composizioni CD has been released, which means that today’s society is still able to create a small poetic miracle, and that is a beautiful piece of news, not just for me, but for all those crazy and introverted artists who need solitude as they sit on the tram”.