Giovanni Allevi


“Flowers” – Giovanni Allevi’s new video

Giovanni Allevi’s music meets the graphic art of Marco Pavone again in the animated video “Flowers”.
“Flowers” is the first single taken from Allevi’s album “Equilibrium”, which will be released on 20 October (Bizart/Artist First).

In the wake of the success of “Symphony of life” (presented at the Venice Film Festival in 2013), the pianist and composer has once again entrusted his latest video to Pavone, illustrator for Disney. The stars of the video are flowers with human features, including those of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.
In a fairy-tale atmosphere the flowers, when they magically come to life, take on the flaws and virtues of Man, such as his instinct to prevaricate and use force to satisfy his thirst for power. The flowers are male and female, adults and children, tall and short, shy and outgoing, blooming or still in bud.
So many flowers with bright and different colours, like people, like the many different souls of this world. The flowers in the video are an allegorical metaphor for the variety of life, for that variety that is too often depredated because of the fear of diversity. Too often we look at the different shades of other people’s souls with suspicion, and this is what divides instead of uniting.
Thus two flowers, a yellow hollering one (Trump) and an “exploding plant” with almond shaped eyes (Kim Jong Un), terrorize all the others, for no real reason.

But the music, panacea for all ills, in the guise of a butterfly manages to quell the frenzied souls and restore the joie de vivre and loving acceptance of others, in all their diversity.
The music of “Flowers”, with its fluctuating progress in seven against eight, overwhelms the flowers in a joyful final dance in which it is not arrogance but the enraptured wonder of others, embraced and loved also because they are different, that triumphs.
To Marco Pavone, a talent of 3D animation, goes the merit of having humanized the flowers without changing their morphology, leaving the botanical characteristics of each of them intact. Indeed, experts will recognize the Rose, the Plumeria, the Tulip, the Hemerocallis, the Dalia, a colourful universe that tenders Man its beauty without asking for anything in return.
In Flowers, the theme developed on the piano is accompanied in the delicate entrance by a solo cello.
Gradually the strings, after lovingly dialoguing with the piano, take over until the impassioned melody that leads the piece to its finale.