Giovanni Allevi


The Far East Tour 2018 begins in China and Japan

Following the success of last winter’s “Equilibrium Tour”, Giovanni Allevi anticipates the much awaited summer tour with a series of sensational concerts in the Far East!
Maestro Allevi will perform solo in the dual role of composer and pianist on the most prestigious stages of China and Japan, with the exception of the Japanese capital where he will be accompanied by the Sakura String Girls.

The tour will touch on the following cities:

14 June- Jiangshan, Zhejiang (piano solo)
16 June – Dongguan Guancheng District Grand Theatre (piano solo)
18 June – Dongguan Guancheng District Grand Theatre (piano solo)

22 June – Kurashiki (piano solo)
23 June – Fukuoka (piano solo)
24 June – Ogaki (piano solo)
27 June – Miyakonojo (piano solo)
28 June – Kagoshima (piano solo)
29 June – Nagoya (piano solo)
2 July- Tokyo (Special Guests: Sakura String Girls)
4 July- Morioka (piano solo)

“*China is a mysterious land and I intend to absorb its culture and its philosophy*”: this is what Giovanni says as he sets off for the first date of the Tour in the Far East on 14 June.
Then comes the Italian tour, “Equilibrium Tour Summer 2018”: here are the dates!